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Reflecting on January and a note on weddings


Hello and welcome back to my flower diary.

January comes to a close and I take the time to reflect on all that this month has offered. For the first time in my life, I have adored January. Getting outside and finding inspiration from things I wouldn't usually seek inspiration from has given me a new lease of life.

Dried relics, branches, and saved seedheads from last Summer...

This month has also allowed me to work with more dried flowers and forage for unique foliage. I harvested hydrangea and clematis seed heads during the end of summer last year, stored them and now they are perfectly dried for this time of year. With the addition of foraged branches covered in lichen, golden bracken, and twisted willow; these dried flowers and branches compliment the winter landscape excellently. Here you can learn about my foraging tips from last week's diary entry and add a touch of evergreen if you wish.

January has given me the freedom to prioritise the things that I deem the most important for myself too: some slow mornings, a few slow days, and one slow week. I have relished in the comfort of quietly plotting and planning for the year ahead at my own pace; swapping my scissors for my laptop, and enjoying the tidiness of my workspace, although not for too much longer!

Thank you, January.

Wedding flower planning for the year ahead...

January has provided the time to book in weddings for newly engaged couples and think deeply about the clients we wish to work with. From delicate spring blooms in shades of buttery yellows, pastel pinks and lilacs, to the earthy hues of autumn, there is so much to look forward to. We reflect on previous years work, thinking about style and aesthetic, and what we want to incorporate in future designs. Trends come and go but we remain consistent in our style and approach to floral design. Some trends we can absolutely get on board with as they match our own aesthetic perfectly (hello satin bows and Pantone's colour of the year, Peach Fuzz!) but there are some we do avoid. For me, wedding florals are always romantic, a touch on the wild style, whilst remaining refined and timeless.

My Style & Story...

I look towards nature and let the seasons guide me. My style embraces seasonality, sustainability and simplicity, showcasing the very best of British flowers and the changing landscape; I want to ensure that arrangements echo that of the current season and invite our couples to immerse themselves and connect with the beauty of nature. It is my goal and mission to educate and share my knowledge of seasonal and sustainable floristry.

Lush, green foliage, cascading vines, deliciously scented garden flowers are transformed into magical archways, garden inspired meadows, delicate bridal bouquets, and timeless table designs. I wish to bring a couple's unique story to life through carefully considered flowers that harmonise with the wedding venue and overall ambiance of the day.

I am delighted to be sharing my new wedding services for the first time this year, from romantic runaways (perfect for the eloping couple) and small weddings (for intimate celebrations), to a full floral design service, where I encourage you to be as wild and creative as you wish! You can find out more information by heading to our services page here.

E + M's magical winter wedding

Enquire for dream wedding florals

If flowers are still unticked on your 'to do' list, or you know of a couple still searching high and low for their dream wedding florals, then I would be delighted to discuss your thoughts and ideas for your big day as we still have some availability for 2024. We have also started accepting couples for 2025 events.

Happy January!

With Love

Sophie x 

 H O W W I L L Y O U
J A N U A R Y ?


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