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O U R   N A T U R E   P R O M I S E 

We promise to create floral impact without the impact. 

We are always looking for more sustainable practices because ultimately we are unable to offer our services without the aid of nature and for that we are incredibly grateful. Our business model mimics that of the earth, our wedding flower season runs from April to October - when nature gifts us with the most wonderful flowers. We are wildly passionate about sustaining and supporting English flower growers which means we source our flowers locally wherever possible to guarantee responsibility when sourcing the best quality for the season and minimising our carbon footprint.

We have many ideas and projects we hope to propose but for now, we are working with a conservation charity local to the Cornwall area who aims to restore ancient rainforests here in the UK. Protecting the world we live in for the future is just as important as giving back, so we are proud to share with you that we will be helping to replenish and restore our precious woodlands.

. "Atlantic temperate rainforests are one of the most biologically diverse and important habitats in Britain. Their vibrant conditions help rare plants, lichens, fungi, birds and mammals to thrive. Once covering up to a fifth of the UK, these rainforests are now extremely rare. Over the last few thousand years we have lost over 99% of them due to man-made deforestation. The time to reverse that trend is now."


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