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Winter meets Spring: seasonal styling


If you are looking to immerse yourself into slow and seasonal living, I am here to lend a helping hand and guide you through the steps. Come and create a floral display suited entirely to your own space, at your own pace, and seek inspiration from the forthcoming shift in seasons. Here, I also reveal my top tips to slow and seasonal living and invite you to think about adding them to your daily life too.

What can you see? Have you noticed that those little signs of Spring are becoming more and more apparent? Blossom branches, magnolia buds, blankets of snowdrops, crocus, and daffodils. We are not so much looking within, but now, looking around.

Along with some leftover tulips, I snipped some abundant branches of Camellia, with soft pink and white flowers, and gathered hazel branches hanging with sweet catkins to create a Winter-meets-Spring display. Whilst the weather isn’t feeling very spring-like at all, we can remain hopeful and add a spot of floral joy to our homes, reminding us of what is to come.

Super simple and easy to recreate with whatever you have growing nearby. Opt for branches that are not straight, branches that provide movement and flow, which you can find growing in gardens and hedgerows; and flowers that have texture, natural movement, and delicious scents. Watching the petals fall as time goes by, allowing the stems to behave how they would within their true habitats, helps you to live slow and seasonally too.


My top tips to living slowly and seasonally.

Take inspiration from outside.

Visit your favourite woodland, enjoy a nearby stroll or simply enjoy what is on your doorstep. Look up. Blossom trees are starting to bear flowering branches and magnolia trees boast their beautiful buds ready to burst any moment now. Look around. Blankets of wild primrose, snowdrops, and clusters of scented daffodils stand to attention, longing to be admired by anyone who passes by. It is the simple things!


Bare branches, flowering branches, a few tulips in a vase, a handful of daffodils, or one singular stem; whatever makes you happy. Find the beauty in simplicity and putting quality over quantity. It really is the simplest of things that tend to put a smile on your face. Adapt your life in a way that encourages simplicity every day; declutter your home; practice gratitude; simplify your wardrobe; cook a delicious, seasonally inspired dish!

Match your flowers with your food.

Eating seasonally is one of the best ways to encourage slow, seasonal living. Ultimately, seasonal food is fresher, tastier, and more nutritious. I have always believed that food and flowers go hand in hand, in the same way that by sourcing seasonal flowers, we are provided with the highest quality, best shapes, and best textures that nature has to offer. This also applies to the food on our plate. Make a calendar, look at labels, think about changing where you shop. It won’t be long until we are greeted with fresh new greens and herbs to give our food a seasonal springtime boost.

Enjoy it.

Whichever way you wish to live slow and seasonally (whether you wish to completely change your life or simply implement small, conscious choices) - enjoy it. If creating a large table display of flowers seems too much, or you don't feel confident just yet to forage for treasures, lean into a design that provides you with floral joy in your own way. Going back to simplicity, more often than not, the less fussy, nonchalant designs tend to be the most effective ones that spark true happiness, and this goes for most things, from favourite food dishes to timeless outfits from your wardrobe! Enjoy living with conscious and considered choices.

 With love!

Sophie x


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 S L O W & S E A S O N A L
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